Fixing_A_Tire.jpgWhen is the last time you had your MAZDA car’s alignment checked? This is something that should be done regularly because it needs to be perfect. Not only does this help you have a smooth and straight ride, but it also improves safety and extends the life of your tires. To figure out if you need Mazda service for your alignment, see if any of these symptoms are familiar:


When the road is straight, your car should be as well. If it’s trying to pull you to one side or another, the alignment is not right.


If you experience vibrations that seem to be coming from your tires, this is another warning sign. This probably means that two tires are trying to move the car in opposite directions.

Crooked Steering Wheel

The default position of a steering wheel should be perfectly level. If it’s always crooked and you have to put it at an angle to make the car go straight, this is a big red flag.

Uneven Tire Treads

When an alignment is out of whack, it can put pressure on one side of the vehicle or just one tire. If you’ve noticed that one seems to have much lower treads than the others, this is probably the case.

Get Your Alignment Examined at Green MAZDA

If any of these issues are happening when you drive, it’s time for an alignment check, and you can have this done at Green Mazda in Springfield. Our trained and certified technicians will make sure it’s pristine again. They can also perform any service tasks that your car may be due for, including an oil change or tire rotation.

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