Couple_With_Car_Broken_Down.jpgWhen it comes to car service, most things should be left to the experts. While you may be able to do the basics, when it comes to more involved MAZDA service, you don’t want to risk messing something up or inadvertently causing damage. These are the tasks that you probably shouldn’t do yourself:

Tire Rotations

Sure, if you know how to change a tire, you could just switch them around. But, a tire rotation requires more than that. You have to know which tires need to go where, and this involves studying the tread pattern. Just putting them on willy-nilly won’t be of any help to you.

Bulb and Fuse Replacement

Over time, the bulbs and fuses in your car will burn out and need to be replaced. And while not tricky on the surface, you first have to make sure you have the right types. Plus, with fuses, you have to know where the fuse box is and which fuses are the ones that have gone bad. With bulbs, it is difficult figuring out exactly how to get in to change them.  

Oil Changes

When you bring your car in to get an oil change, it will probably be lifted up to make things a lot easier for the technicians. You probably don’t have this type of device at your home, which means having to slip under your car. In addition to being a tight squeeze, changing the oil is also a dirty process. You also have to properly collect and dispose of the old oil.

Let Green MAZDA Take Care of Your Service Needs

To make things a lot easier, the service center at Green Mazda in Springfield will happily take care of all of your necessary car maintenance. Get in touch to make an appointment. 

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