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Our aim here at Green Mazda is to keep you, satisfied throughout your time owning a Mazda vehicle. That means doing more than just helping you find the right new Mazda car. It also means helping you out with car repair and maintenance needs as they come. Our expert team here at our Mazda service center near Lincoln is always ready to provide top-quality service or repair on your car, including for your braking system.  


Why Brake Service is Important

Your car’s brakes make up an integral part of your overall driving experience, but that’s hardly the only reason that taking care of your brakes is important. Your car simply wouldn’t be safe to drive without reliable brakes. From the moment you press down on the brake pedal, a complex series of parts begin working together to safely get you to a complete stop. When any part of your braking system malfunctions, whether it’s your brake pads, rotors, or calipers, you compromise your safety on the road. 

Thankfully, noticing the signs of brake failure isn’t all that hard. If you find that your brake pedal feels soft or that it takes more distance to come to a complete stop, then you should get your brakes looked at. Unusual sounds, like screeching or grinding that persists, are other clear signs you need new brakes


Our Service Center

When you bring your Mazda car to our Mazda service center, we will make sure you’re up to speed on regular brake services, like brake fluid flushes. If we find that any brake parts are malfunctioning, we will find the right OEM Mazda brake part to replace it with.

Schedule your service appointment today to make sure your brakes are in great shape!

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