How to Change a Tire Like a Pro


Encountering unexpected circumstances is an unavoidable reality of driving. A common predicament many drivers find themselves in is getting a flat tire while on the road. This situation can leave many people scratching their heads on what to do, but at Green Mazda, we want to help you be prepared by providing these easy to follow instructions.


Locate Your Jack, Spare Tire, and Tire Iron


Once you’ve pulled over in a safe spot, open your trunk; you should find a temporary spare tire, a jack, and an L-shaped tool called a tire iron. Get these items out and prepare to begin replacing the tire. Make sure the car is in “park” and have your emergency brake on for good measure.


Loosen the Wheel Lugs


Your wheel is attached by a series of wheel lugs, which you will need to loosen in preparation for replacing your tire. Follow the “lefty-loosey” rule to prepare to remove each lug, but don’t take them off yet. This may take a significant amount of force to accomplish.


Raise the Car


Now, you’ll put your jack to use. Position the jack near the tire under the frame and crank the handle to expand the jack in order to raise your car. Give your tire a good few inches of space so you have enough room to work with.


Replace the Tire

Fully unscrew the loosened lugs and pull off the wheel. You will need to line up the spare tire with the wheel studs, which can be a tricky task. Once the spare tire wheel is in place, put the lugs back on and tighten them thoroughly. Carefully lower the car with the jack, put your supplies back in the trunk, and make your way over to our Springfield Mazda service center, where our certified Mazda technicians can get to work replacing your flat tire with a brand new tire.

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