Car-Buying Myths You Shouldn't Believe


The car-buying process is often full of anticipation for many drivers, but it can also become filled with stress. One of the main contributing factors to this stress is all the misinformation about car shopping out there. At Green Mazda, we want to help you make the most out of your experience at our car dealership near Lincoln. Here are some car-buying myths to look out for.


Rainy Days are the Best Times to Buy a Car


It is a common myth that car salespeople are desperate to get a sale on a rainy day due to low traffic, meaning they will offer a better deal. However, so many people believe this that rainy days are the most crowded days, meaning you’ll be better off visiting the dealership when it is pleasant outside.


Wait Until the End of the Month to Visit the Dealership


Many people believe they’ll get a better deal by catching salespeople who are trying to meet their monthly quota by doing this, but this strategy makes some hefty assumptions. For one, it assumes that the sales quota has yet to be met. Secondly, it also assumes that your sale will be the one that pushes them to meet their quota. In reality, you should just find the deal that works best for you online and visit at a time that makes the most sense for you.


Wait to Reveal you Want to Lease Until the End


People turn to this strategy thinking that they can negotiate a lower price if they don’t say they want to lease until the end. While there may have been some point in time where this strategy made sense, it will just result in wasted time since great Mazda lease specials are plentiful and likely significantly better than the price you would get using this strategy.


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