Deciding Whether to Lease or Buy at Green Mazda

 When you’re looking to get behind the wheel of your next new car, anticipation can build pretty quickly, especially if you’re on the market for a new Mazda vehicle. Here at Green Mazda near Lincoln, we want to make sure your car search goes by without a hitch, which is why the team at our Mazda finance center in Springfield, IL can give you all the expert guidance you need. Once you’ve decided which model is the right fit for you, you need to choose whether you should lease or buy a new Mazda car.

Benefits of Leasing
When you lease, you don’t actually make a purchase. A lease agreement is similar to a rental, where you make payments in order to drive a car. Leases are generally more affordable because you aren’t paying for a car’s full price, just the depreciation that occurs as you drive. This means that you get to take home a new Mazda for only a portion of its actual cost, resulting in lower payments. This can make accessing the latest design, best new features, and exciting performance updates far easier than if you made an actual purchase.

Benefits of Buying
If you want to own the car outright, build equity, and possibly sell it later on, then you should plan on buying. Even though your payments will be higher than when you finance your car purchase, you don’t owe your lender anything once it’s all paid off. Buying also means you aren’t limited by mileage caps or modification restrictions. 

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